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Craft your dream website effortlessly with our premium Elementor Templates, Blocks, and Template Kits. Elevate your online presence in minutes! Explore our ever-expanding collection of stylish templates, inspired by the latest design trends and crafted for exceptional UI & UX. Stay ahead with fresh, cool designs for a standout website experience!

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Templates Kits for Elementor Pro


Elementor Template for Blogger & Entrepreneurs


Cosmetic Clinic Template Kit


Lawyer & Attorney Elementor Templates Kit


Roofing Services Elementor Template Kit


Car Repair Elementor Template Kit

Heritage Tree Care

Tree Trimmers Elementor Template Kit

Landing Page Elementor Templates for Niches

Chimney Sweeps Elementor Templates

Agency Elementor Template

AI Generated Designed Elementor Template

Author Elementor Template

Cosmetic Clinic Elementor Template

IT & Technology Elementor Template

Real Estate Elementor Template

Oyster Restaurant Elementor Template

Product Review Elementor Template

How Elementor Templates Works

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Purchase Your Template

Our Elementor templates are designed exclusively for Elementor & Elementor Pro, along with a combination of free and paid plugins. Follow the provided instructions to install all the necessary plugins before getting started. With everything set up, you can create a stunning website within minutes.

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Instant Download

Choose your favorite template from our 90+ templates library and download the .json template file for elementor page builder. Follow the instruction and import it to your site with just a couple clicks. No coding is required!

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Customize to Perfection

Our premium templates come equipped with demo texts and images to help you get started. Utilize the page builder interface to easily customize headlines, text, images, and more. Tweak the template to suit your needs and transform your ordinary page into an extraordinary one!

Why Purchase Ready-made Elementor Templates

Elementor has become an increasingly popular WordPress page builder for its user-friendly interface. To cater to this growing demand, we, at Templateum, have created ready-made templates exclusively for Elementor. Our elementor templates leverage this powerful page builder and empower you to create stunning websites with or without any additional 3rd-party addons.

Elementor Pro Templates

Elementor Template Kit Features for any WordPress Theme

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Templateum, we offer a wide range of Elementor templates to cater to your website needs. Visit our website,, and explore our extensive collection of professionally-crafted templates designed to enhance your online presence.

Currently most of them are just regular column-based layouts. Soon we’ll release dedicated section for Flex container-based design kits. 

Though elementor can work with almost every theme but surely there are some trending themes which are best for elementor plugin. We’ll suggest Hello Elementor (if you use elementor’s theme builder option), Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress in most of the time.

Adding a template to your Elementor page builder is simple. After downloading the template file from Templateum, follow these steps:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the desired page or post where you want to add the template.
  • Click the “Edit with Elementor” button to launch the Elementor editor.
  • In the Elementor editor, click the folder icon in the bottom center of the screen to access the Elementor template library.
  • From the template library, click the “My Templates” tab.
  • Click the “Import Templates” button and choose the downloaded .json template file.
  • Once selected, click the “Import Now” button, and the template will be imported into your Elementor editor.
  • Customize the template as needed and update the page or post to reflect your changes.

Absolutely. Most of our premium elementor templates are comes within “Elementor Canvas” format which mean from header to footer, everything is within the elementor.

But if you plan to use it along with your current theme, just remove the header & footer section, and use “Elementor Fullwidth” format. That’s it.

Import an elementor template; it’s really easy actually, with just a few clicks your template will be ready to go. Go to Elementor > My Templates > Import Templates and that’s all.

To locate your imported templates in Elementor, follow these steps:

  • Open your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the desired page or post where you want to edit the Elementor template.
  • Click the “Edit with Elementor” button to launch the Elementor editor.
  • Once in the editor, click the folder icon in the bottom center of the screen to access the Elementor templates library.
  • In the library, click the “My Templates” tab.
  • Here, you will find all the templates you have imported into Elementor. Choose the desired template to apply it to your current page or post.

Adding a template to a page is effortless:

  • Open your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the desired page or post.
  • Click the “Edit with Elementor” button to launch the Elementor editor.
  • In the Elementor editor, click the folder icon in the bottom center of the screen to access the Elementor library.
  • Browse through the available templates or use the search option to find a specific template.
  • Once you have found the desired template, click the “Insert” button to add it to your page.
  • Customize the template’s content, layout, and styling to fit your needs using the drag-and-drop interface and options in the Elementor editor.
  • Once you are satisfied with the modifications, click the “Update” button to save the changes and publish the page.
Absolutely! Use it on personal or commercial sites as you like, but you can not resell the templates at anywhere else. However the support will be limited to one for the single site license.
Our premium Elementor templates are 100% compatible with WordPress 5.0.x and Elementor 3.0x version.
Daily we work with lots of clients and thus our goal is to update all our templates accordingly.
Unfortunately No. We do not provide Elementor Pro Plugin along with our templates. You need to purchase the pro version of Elementor plugin yourself.

Starter Templates For Almost Every Niche – Find Elementor Templates

Discover a wide range of starter templates designed to cater to almost every niche starting from agency elementor template to kits library. From business and e-commerce to blogs and portfolios, access the templates provides a solid foundation for your website. With pre-designed sections, popup templates, and block templates, you can save time and effort while ensuring a professional and stylish website that reflects your brand.

Best Elementor Website Template as Elementor Landing Page Templates

Looking to make a strong first impression? Our collection of Elementor landing page templates offers stunning designs that captivate your visitors from the moment they arrive. These templates are carefully crafted to drive conversions and engagement, featuring strategic placement of call-to-action buttons, captivating visuals, and persuasive copy. Start maximizing your website’s potential with the best Elementor landing page templates.

Fully Compatible With Elementor

Enjoy a seamless user experience with elementor template that’s fully compatible with the Elementor page builder. This modern template is specifically designed using elementor pro & elementor theme builder to work harmoniously with Elementor, ensuring that you can easily customize every element, section, and layout using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and experience a hassle-free website-building process.

Find Free Templates for WordPress

Looking for a template for your business using the elementor editor inside the elementor? Who said you need to spend a fortune for professionally designed website kits built with elementor? Discover a treasure trove of free and premium elementor templates for WordPress that offer high-quality designs and functionality. This beautiful template is the perfect template for those on a budget, whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, or blogger. Start building your online presence without spending a dime!

Export Templates from WordPress Websites

You can easily export the collection of pre-designed templates for elementor from your WordPress website by saving the whole page as a template pack and then go to Templates > Saved Templates section from the dashboard and export items as per your requirements. 

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